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Packaging net

Netpro Plaster Reinforcement Net is very much effective, economic and Adaptable to uneven surfaces. These nets are widely used during plastering to prevent crack on concrete surfaces Reinforcement nets aimed at achieving a higher tear resistance combined to flexibility


NetPro packaging nets are flexible, durable & attractive for packing fast moving consumer goods, Fruits, Vegetables, Toys etc. Packaging nets enable ventilation enhancing freshness of the product. Netpro packaging Nets enable storage of product in tight spaces without mixing the products.

Material  HDPE / PP / LDPE
HD Packaging Net SizeLD Packaging Net Size
200 – 250 mm75 mm
300 – 350 mm170 mm
400 – 450 mm210 mm
500 – 550 mm


  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Toys
  • Liquor Bottles
  • Medicines Bottles
  • Air freshner
  • Rose bud


  • Open mesh structure makes the product visible
  • It also enhances the look of the package
  • It is generally used for combination packs
  • Perfect way to pack & display loose goods

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